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Hepatic hemangiomas are benign vascular liver lesions. They are frequently diagnosed as an incidental finding on imaging, and most patients are asymptomatic.

From a radiologic perspective, it is important to differentiate hemangiomas from hepatic malignancy. Hepatic hemangiomas are thought to be congenital in origin, non-neoplastic, and are almost always of the cavernous subtype. Blood supply is predominantly hepatic arterial, similar to other liver tumors.

A peripheral location within the liver is most common 3.

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The presence of a few hepatic hemangiomas in the liver is not uncommon, but rarely a large number of hepatic hemangiomas may occur see hepatic haemangiomatosis.

See hyperechoic liver lesions for a further differential. Most hemangiomas are relatively well-defined. The dynamic enhancement pattern is related to the size of its vascular space 1.

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Features of typical lesions include:. They are benign lesions. Some authors propose surgical resection for patients with progressive abdominal pain in combination with a size greater than 5 cm The diagnosis of hemangioma can usually be made with high specificity if the imaging characteristics are typical. To quiz yourself on this article, log in to see multiple choice questions. Log in. Please Note: You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys.

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    Hepatic hemangioma Dr Matt A. On this page:.

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    Quiz questions. Cavernous hemangioma of the liver: pathologic correlation with dynamic CT findings.

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    System: Hepatobiliary. Tags: liver , hypervascular , ultrasound.

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    Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Liver haemangioma Hepatic cavernous haemangioma Liver hemangioma Hemangioma of the liver Hepatic hemangioma Hepatic haemangiomas Hepatic hemangiomas Hepatic hemangiomata Hepatic haemangiomata Hepatic haemangioma Hepatic cavernous venous malformation Hepatic venous malformations Hepatic cavernous venous malformations Hepatic venous malformation. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. Cases and figures. Case 1: arterial phase Case 1: arterial phase.

    Case 2 Case 2. Case 3 Case 3. Case 5: venous phase Case 5: venous phase.

    Case 6 Case 6. Case 7: with sonographic contrast Case 7: with sonographic contrast. Case 8 Case 8. Case 9 Case 9. Case 10 Case Case 11 Case Case 12 Case Case 13 Case Case multi-focal Case multi-focal.

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  • Case 15 Case Case 16 Case Case 17 Case Case flash fill hemangioma Case flash fill hemangioma. Case 19 Case Case 20 Case Case 21 Case Case on ultrasound Case on ultrasound. Case 23 Case Case on a fatty liver Case on a fatty liver. Case 25 Case Case cavernous Case cavernous.

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